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    Travel Favorites: I’m the top seller of Regent Cruises and Silversea Cruises in the entire Pavlus Travel office.

Recommendations and Reviews of Annette

All reviews are from actual Pavlus clients

Could not be more satisfied. Annette is a wonder!

11/12/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette booked the trip, but JENNIFER SILLERY did everything else for me. She returned all my vm messages and emails, helped me with airline confirmations, seat assignments and was the best travel representative I have ever worked with and I couldn’t thank her enough. I hope PAVLUS recognizes her for the wonderful employee that she deserves.

11/03/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Thanks, appreciate your help

10/28/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our first river cruise and it was delightful! Thanks to Pavlus!

10/26/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is a delight to work with.

10/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have used Pavlus travel for many years and have always been very pleased.

10/19/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Enjoyed every moment and we will call Annette again when we want to plan another trip

10/18/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel has never disappointed us. Annette is terrific!

10/17/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Once again, Pavlus has done a wonderful job helping us with our trip. Because of medical problems, we had to cancel our trip one week before departure and were able to reschedule a new departure date five months later. Annette handled all of this for us and we are so grateful for her service. Since we like Tauck tours, we will be sure to call Pavlus (Annette) again in the future to handle our wishes.

10/09/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything went according to plan....all reservations were correct!

10/09/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had a wonderful time and the Destinctive Voyages excursion was the best of the week. Annette was terrific. We also appreciated all the help from Jenny. She was also a pleasure to work with you.

10/05/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It was wonderful, Tauck Classic Italy. Happy with Annette and Jennifer as always. Thank you!

10/02/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

good trip - met expectations

10/01/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The Pavlus staff stayed in touch with us and dealt efficiently with several of our changes. We loved working with them. Our only concern was the original 18 hour travel day to get to Avignon. We did better ourselves flying in to Paris and taking the train down.

10/01/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette debacca and Jennifer Sillery were wonderful. We came to Pavlus when you were providing cash discounts and since you are no longer we will use our prior agent who is an old dear friend

09/30/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

PAVLUS handles the trip booking logistics very well. Annette and Jenny answered all questions and resolved issues to the best of what the Insight Tour Company provided. We would have liked some more timely responses to questions between initial deposit and final payment, but we do realize that perhaps those questions might not have answers yet. I am very satisfied with the discounts Pavlus offers. Hope to book many more trips with Pavlus in the future.

09/26/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Superb support from Pavlus

09/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

While the ship disappointed a bit the service was very good. All as planned and expected.

09/23/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Take good care of Annette--she is a jewel.

09/22/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

satisfied with Pavlus

09/20/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Completely satisfied with all aspects of doing business with Pavlus! Working w Annette and her assistant, Jennifer has been delightful in every way. We are also very impressed with the good deals that Pavlus has given us and appreciate the welcoming gifts in our cabin when we arrived! We will remain loyal customers and sing your praises to all our traveling family and friends!

09/18/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Trip was great.

09/11/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything was smooth.

09/11/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Vacation was annual family reunion of cousins. All went extremely well. Annette helped with the coordination of all parties involved.

08/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and Jenny do a great job!

08/18/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Wonderful tour of Ireland. Annette always does a super job for us, even when we mess things up, like names on passports, she saves our bacon.

08/05/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very good job. Helpful and responsive

07/29/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette was great in promptly responding to inquiries. The whole experience was good!

07/26/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is superb and ably assisted by Marca and Jenny. Booked another Crystal cruise on board with auto transfer to her.

07/26/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Globus tour company's tour of Scotland was great. Pre vacation planning by Annette and Jenny was outstanding. I will continue to use Pavlus and Annette's great professionalism.

07/20/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great trip! Thanks Annette.

07/13/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and her staff were all very helpful in planning this wonderful cruise. Travel by air is a bit of a hassle these days but what else is new. We will definitely contact Pavlus for any future travel plans.

07/11/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and Jenny were awesome! Got everything we needed early since we were leaving early so that was very helpful. Also, received email from Annette asking if we wanted to upgrade our room which we did..thanks!

07/09/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The cruise was fantastic! Special thank you to Jennifer Sillery for personal touch. Thank you Pavlus!

07/08/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Fabulous vacation in Tanzania. Everything was arranged as planned, no complaints.

07/05/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great vacation on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship. This was our favorite vacation ever. Annette did an excellent job arranging the cruise and the extension to Vahine Private Island Resort. She capably made several changes to our accommodations and a flight change I requested. And, I appreciate the pricing that Pavlus provides to make the trip more affordable. We have already booked our next years cruise through Annette and Pavlus and are beginning to look at 2020 with another couple to book another European cruise probably on Viking or Azamara. Thanks!

06/13/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The Pearl Seas cruise (Canadian Maritimes & St. Lawrence Seaway) was great. Beautiful scenery and all tours were complimentary! Working with Annette is always a pleasure.

06/09/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great tour of Switzerland with Insight. Pavlus has the very lowest prices.

06/09/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Wow! Why off without a hiccup! Not easy to keep 40 people on track for 2 weeks, give or take. I sing your praises all the time. Can't wa to book the next one. And Jenny, Annette's assistant, was super. Last, but not least, the tour director, Craig Cherry, made the tour special. Great team. Denise and Gary Brenner

05/30/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Cruise itinerary and staff were excellent. Annette and Jennifer were helpful during the booking process. Keep up the great work!!!

05/29/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and Jenny excellent to work with as usual. They could always use a little praise from the boss. Keep us the good work at Pavlus

05/19/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette kept all 14 of us linked up and handled a last minute added passenger with ease.

05/16/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had a great cruise and fabulous service (as always) from Annette and Marca. Thanks so much! Shelley.

05/15/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had a great time on our inaugural Viking Ocean World Cruise. Al the details were handled in an excellent way by Annette and Marca.

05/12/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Every thing went smoothly. Flights were on time. Spanish immigration was fast and efficient. We were met and transferred to the hotel by private vehicle. Hotel was conviently located and boarding the ship was quick. Very pleasant get away!.

04/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Wonderful trip!

04/17/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette did a fabulous job planning our trip and always responded to my emailed questions promptly and courteously. We gave her business card to several members of our tour group and strongly encouraged them to book future travel with her. We were also very pleased with the quality of service on our first Tauck trip and will book again with them.

04/03/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We like Pavlus - usually a superior price point. Panama Canal trip was as advertised. We were pleased to get an on ship get together as well as free shore excursions to Antigua, Guatemala compliments of 'Distinctive Voyages'. Thanks.

03/31/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Ya'll are still the Best... Thanks Craig

03/22/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best support you would ever want from Annette and Marca. They are why I am a repeat customer

03/18/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service

03/16/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette made our arrangements, and got us a very good deal re. cabin credits. I have already recommended Pavlus to several friends.

03/13/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jenny got us a last minute upgrade. Thanks for wine and fruit. Referred two friends for this cruise and they were both happy with Pavlus.

03/05/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We took our first Oceania cruise after 14 on Celebrity. The Oceania is our new cruise lines with a 2019 Amazon/South America planned and a 2020 future cruise purchased which we waiting for new itineraries in April of this year. Annette and Team are great communicators and very knowledgeable about Oceania and "their systems". Thanks for the flowers, wine, travel packages and financial rewards!

02/12/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very satisfied.

02/09/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Planning by Annette and Marca was outstanding. Great team.

02/03/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Totally satisfied with Pavlus and your staff from top to bottom. Recommended Pavlus to 5 of my fellow cruisers on the cruise and expect several to actually book with Pavlus. The provided business cards were a professional and good help in recommending Pavlus

12/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very pleased with American Queen cruise. Hated to see it come to an end.

12/25/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Both Annette and Taylor have been outstanding, as well as Marca. I especially like how Pavlus promptly relays any communications from the cruise line.

12/19/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our trip was with Viking Ocean Cruises. I highly recommend that company. Everything is done right all the time.

12/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The cruise was excellent and Annette and Marca did a wonderful job ensuring that all travel arrangements were taken care of.

11/28/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Appreciate Annette and Marca, always responsive to our needs. Also appreciate the on board credit and bottle of wine we receive. Thank you!

11/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good trip although it was rather demanding. We were very happy with our Pavlus arrangements and will be using Annette in the future.

11/08/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is an excellent agent to work with. Thank you Annette

10/31/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Love Annette and Marca! Excellent service. I refer everyone I know!!

10/30/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You are excellent. Top customer support from Marca and excellent help from Annette all at a good price.

10/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service from Pavlus Travel and specifically Annette C deBaca. Have future cruise bookings with her and will continue to recommend.

09/30/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

As usual, we are very pleased with the vacation and expect to use Pavlus again in the future.

09/30/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette provided her usual responsive service to accomodate additional travelers on short notice. Marca filled in and did a superb job with last minute details. The rebate on Globus is recognized and appreciated. Thank you for a wonderful trip.

09/11/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus gave us a free night at end of our trip as well as finding us good airline travel. We will definitely remember Pavlus for our next trip.

09/01/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Trustworthy, competitive pricing, big enough to command Cruise and Tour Companies attention

08/29/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We ha ve used your services before and saved a lot of money.

08/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette has been our travel professional for many years. She provides excellent customer service and we continue to be pleased with all of our trips, We have referred many of our friends to Annette at Pavlus and they all have had excellent experiences as well.

08/22/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Of the three Tours we have taken on Trafalgar and Globus tours through Pavlus have been a wonderful and exciting adventure. Thanks to my Annette for her kind attention and professionalism in handling two of our three tours.

08/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Service followed by price

08/10/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent travel planners, service and fair pricing.

08/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

very good customer service .

08/03/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great experience, super nice people, and save you money!

07/31/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette provides detailed responses to my questions promptly in addition to excellent prices for luxury cruises. I can't imagine purchasing a cruise from anyone other than the team at Pavlus Travel.

07/26/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very good people to deal with. Annette has been a very real help. Some of the best prices for travel.

07/18/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Have been a client of Annette & Marca for many years. What a GREAT team.

07/11/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I've used PAVLUS travel for years and have gotten travel packages for myself and several people traveling with me. The discounts are very good and the vendor resources are extensive. Travel companions have gone on to book through PAVLUS for their travel needs.

07/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I've used annette de bacca on four or five trips and she has been extremely helpful and timely.

06/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best prices and good service.

06/20/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service and provide excellent value. In addition to great pricing on many of their cruise products, Annette adds little extras at no additional cost. Such extra are appreciated. Annette and Marca are easy to deal with and are readily available by phone or email. Have used them exclusively for our Cruises and Tours.

06/20/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service planning cruises and trips.

06/18/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They are efficient and also give good discounts.

06/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and Marca are outstanding! Very responsive to our travel needs. Pavlus Travel is the most rewarding travel agency we have ever used and we will continue to use and recommend them.

06/13/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Wish I was using you years ago. Thank you for the excellent service.

05/30/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Though I had limited access as my friend planned the trip, she got immediate answers to all her questions and we could not beat the price.

05/22/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This was my second trip using Pavlus and Annette was very helpful in making all my travel arrangements.

05/22/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We got great service & prices on our trips so far, & look forward to working with your agency again.

05/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Also very easy to work with.

05/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We were very satisfied with the price and service received

05/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus leaves little for the traveler to do.

04/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Quick response time to initial contact to Annette concerning quotes. If I have not provided enough information, Annette calls. Every trip goes well from beginning to end because of her planning. Works well with us during the final decision process. Viking cruise planner on ship spoke highly of Pavlus and your employees.

04/16/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and Marca are great, very responsive. I feel confident in making my travel plans with Pavlus.

04/10/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We were very pleased with Pavlus Travel. Annette was responsive to questions and we felt prepared for our trip. We did the land and river cruise package with AMA Waterways in Vietnam & Cambodia. Would recommend to anyone looking for a travel planner.

04/02/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

For extremely professional, friendly, and competent service, please contact Pavlus Travel. Travel planners Annette and Marca are highly recommended. They both have provide my wife and me with outstanding service and quality discounts. You cant go wrong when you ask for Annette and Marca.

03/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy to work with. Great attention to detail. Good rebates

03/20/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They are very prompt about returning your e-mails. Your questions are always answered even if I repeat myself. On our last trip I asked for help on the air journey. I know you earn little, if anything, on airline reservations, but Annette got the job done. Hooray, because I was very frustrated.

03/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best discounts, efficient service, really nice people -- especially Marca and Annette.

03/08/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I feel Pavlus has been a tremendous help in being sure that everything is in order, and have always been there the few times that something goes wrong. Pavlus prices are great! We worked with Evelyn for many years and now Annette is our representative and both have been excellent. I just sent a new person to you for a small trip, but hopefully she well work with you in the future. Nancy Fredrickson

03/06/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and marca were very helpful with our trip

02/28/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It was easy to do business with Annette and the price we received for our trip was outstanding. The travel materials received were first class.

02/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Working hard to find better rates.

02/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and good prices.

01/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

My experience with the company and Annette has consistently yielded the following: 1) friendly useful information on which I can rely 2) comparable or lower prices than offerred elsewhere; 3) happily provided responses to incidental question regarding innoculations, visas, etc and 4) additional, unstinting assistance from Paclus staff other than my primary agent. All in all, Pavlus has proven to be the best travel organizatiojn I have experienced.

01/07/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Working with Pavlus is working with professionals. They will provide you with fast, accurate, and most importantly, cost saving planning. It has been my pleasure to work with Pavlus, especially Annette C deBaca and Marca De La Porte, over many years. You cant beat the friendly service you will receive when you deal with Pavlus Travel.

01/06/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler


12/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette was very helpful and answered all my questions and I believe got my husband and I the best price.

12/08/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best price and cash rebates with certain lines. Really appreciate Annette and Marca.

11/10/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Provides good advice in choosing between various tour/cruise packages while also providing excellent discounts.

11/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They get it done.............worry free!

11/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Just finished a trip to iceland with my family and 9 friends that was planned and executed perfectly.

11/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service by Annette and quick responses to questions. Also cruise credits are a plus.

11/03/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

ANNETTE WAS FABULOUS to work with. Great communication. Annette got us the best price and was also able to delay final payment with Viking.

10/11/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus was easy to work with and did a good job with planning our flights to Europe and back with our Viking River Cruise.

09/26/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

From a price perspective, best Travel Agency I know of Timely communications, quick response to any issues, problems or requests.

09/07/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Reps call back in a timely manner if I had a question. Courteous, professional attitude of employees. Rebate on purchase of cruise. Shipboard credit given by Pavlus.

08/24/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette DeBaca at Pavlus booked my cruise and dealt with Viking extremely well. I was completely satisfied and would recommend Annette to anyone.

08/24/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

My husband and I are extremely pleased with Pavlus Travel and we enjoy working with Annette on whatever our next adventure might be. It is so nice to have a Travel Planner who coordinates our trips with no issues. Everything always runs so smoothly from the beginning of our trip to the end of our trip. This is so important when there is international travel involved which needs to be coordinated with a departing cruise ship.

08/22/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Well planned trip. Very good communication between our consultant and ourselves. A very good experience.

08/04/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel offers excellent service, good bargains and rewards, and great support in resolving problems. Pavlus also works with reliable partners in hotel and flight bookings. Very nice, friendly staff. We'd especially recommend working with Annette, Debbie and Marca.

07/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good communication Answers questions quickly Easy to work with Helpful with issues

06/06/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I love everything about Pavlus Travel, especially the rebate before departure! Annette and Marca have been great guides especially as I dogged Annette about upgrades and changing our cabin to a different floor. I appreciate her contacts with Regent. We had an unbelievable trip to the Middle East! And, we have another booked on board and transferred to Annette and Pavlus. Thank you!

05/25/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient, easy to work with, and cost effective.

05/20/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best discounts in the travel business. Good follow up.

05/19/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service. Reasonable price

05/03/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Have been using Annette at Pavlus for many years and have enjoyed the experience. She always has good suggestions and picks out a good room. Pavlus also has good pricing and everything comes on time that is needed for the vacation besides a nice gift back .

04/26/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service, excellent pricing, friendly Travel Planners

04/26/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficient and helpful. And, good prices! Also, aside from complimenting Annette for her good service, I also want you to know how much I appreciate the service from Marca de Laporte. Thanks to both of them.

04/23/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We really enjoy working with Annette (and Marca). Great service is always provided!

04/12/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and Marca are very responsive to requests. I emailed to request a cabin change to a better location when one became available and knew that location would go in a hurry. Marca had the change made within minutes. Pavlus discounts seem good and service is reliable. Thanks

04/08/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent, highly responsive service; obtained very favorable price

04/04/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Friendly, personal, professional, knowledgeable, excellent customer service, great prices, efficient and quick follow-up

03/30/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

A company that provides great service along with great discounts. A very supportive staff that goes the extra mile to ensure that the travel experience is positive.

03/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You did a great job for us. Answered all our questions in a timely manner and gave us the very nice rebate/discount.

03/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel is a first rate travel company with top ranking travel consultants. I would recommend contacting Annette or Donna for all your travel needs. I have been a Pavlus customer for over 10 years and have book numerous tours and cruises with absolutely no hesitation or problems. As always, the Pavlus discount is great. The dynamic duo of Annette and Donna, assisted by Marca, has been the backbone of my travel planning. You cant go wrong by booking your next vacation with Pavlus Travel

03/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy to communicate with via email (my preferred method), provided timely information and took care of all dealings with Oceania, but best of all, I arrived in my stateroom to find a welcome bottle of wine, fruit plate and the most beautiful flower arrangement that lasted the entire cruise. It was so unexpected and made me feel like a VIP, set the tone for the rest of the trip. All of that along with the best pricing and their rebate program is the bomb. I intend to recommend them to anyone that asks me for TA advice (and even some family members that won't.)

03/01/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have been using Pavlus Travel for over 10 years and and depend on Annette to keep it right. While there were so hangup due to the air departments of some of the tours we had Annette (and Marca) handle, the Pavlus term was able to make it right. We now have three vacations being handled by Annette (and Marca) remaining for this year. How is that for a recommendation?

03/01/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

1) Usually have better prices than other places. 2) I receive bonuses for referrals 3) Good customer service

02/08/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette consistently does a great job for us and we appreciate the extra cruise credits. We have often recommended Pavlus when meeting other cruisers,

01/25/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus generally meets, and on occasion, exceeds my expectations re service and price.

01/12/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

If you want a dependable, reliable, and cost reduction vacation, call Annette at Pavlus Travel. Annette has a wonderful customer service person who follows up on all details so you vacation goes through without any problems.

12/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficient handling of travel, best discounts, and lots of travel opportunities.

12/19/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is seeking to be the biggest and the best travel agency in the world and for us, they are the most generous with cash rebates and on board credit. We have referred several friends and relatives to Pavlus, some who are loyal clients now.

12/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent prices, good service, easy to work with.

12/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and with Marca's help takes care of us when we travel. From the planning to the return home I know that Pavlas supports us wherever we are. They have proven this time and again. This is a wonderful feeling when we are halfway around the world (or at the bottom). The fact the prices are excellent makes it a no-brainer to select Pavlas travel. We know we can trust Pavlas and that is reason enough to use them for our travel.

12/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Their price is very competetive. and the service and followup was very good. I do not have any complaints.

11/01/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very helpful and patient

10/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The service is outstanding and the perks are as well. Thanks for the bon voyage gift.

10/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Helpful assistance with travel plans while providing good discounts.

10/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

excellent prices. honest.

10/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette & Marca were very helpful throughout the process. They answered my numerous questions and booked our flights, train transfers, etc. Pavlus Travel was recommended by my husband's dentist who has traveled using Tauck/Pavlus many times. He recommended the small group tour - which for us turned out to be an amazing trip and honeymoon. Everyone loved the neoprene package all our information came in. Apparently we were the only ones who received something like this, so I guess we were the only ones who used Pavlus. We will recommend you to our friends in the future and our next trip with Tauck, we will definitely be back to have you plan our trip. Thanks again! Our first experience with both you and Tauck has been unamazing! Linda & Ron

10/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent customer service.

10/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Superior customer service. Working with Annette and Marca is a real pleasure. Great referral program and discounts/rebates a real plus.

09/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very good prices. Usually a discount from published fares is given.

09/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and Debbie Ann give us consistently excellent service. They answer all questions promptly and are very accommodating. Thank you to them.

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and Marca are a great team and a splendid asset to your organization, Craig. We treasure the relationship we have with you and your fine staff. Our sincere thanks to all. Warmest Regards, Gil

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Thank you Annette and Marca.

09/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You did a good job and I really like the refunds. The tour you provided with this cruise was outstanding.

09/07/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices and good customer service.

09/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette was very pleasant and helpful with all of my questions. At times my questions might have seemed petty but she was excellent and always got back to me in a timely fashion.

08/28/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great travel agency!

08/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and very good prices. One of the few travel agencies that discount cruises.

08/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would say that customer service is superior. Marca De La Porte is an unbelievably outstanding representative of your company. I am so thrilled to be able to work with a woman of her caliber. You are very lucky to have her in your employ.

08/12/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have experienced extremely good service from Annette C' de Baca & Marca De La Porte in planning our trips & in following up on special requests such as getting our documents to us early. We often leave home well before the normal date that the cruise lines sent out the documents - we've received them before we left each time. Also, on our latest cruise, Silversea had not credited our AmEx shipboard credit & couldn't seem to find it after several requests. I called Annette, & she & Marca handled the situation for us while we were still on-board & could actually use the credit! Annette even extended us credit for internet - great service! We would also mention the rebate, of course, to any of our friends - it a very attractive reason to switch to Pavlus. Thank you, Annette & Marca!!!! Wimberly Warnock & Van Caswell

08/12/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We are well taken care of when using Pavlus for our travel plans.

08/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended Annette several times and will continue to do so. Her backup staff is terrific with follow through and knowledgeable when I am not able to get through to Annette and need quick answers,

08/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have dealt with Annette for many years and have referred numerous friends to her as clients. She is efficient and gives us the best possible prices. We will use Annette on our next trip!

08/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service, great prices.

07/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The planners are always friendly, helpful and concerned that you have all the information you need for travel. Their pricing is great and the best I have found.

07/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great discount and SBC programs. Excellent customer service from Marca!!

07/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette & Pavlus are the tip/top luxury cruise travel agent that provide outstanding service pre, during, and post cruise. Service is exceptional and you get the best bang for your luxury cruise buck using Annette @ Pavlus Travel.

07/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good customer service at the best price.

06/29/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and excellent incentive.

06/29/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus was easy to work with and delivered everything that was promised. Based on my research in booking my cruise Pavlus offered excellent pricing. Marca De La Porte was particularly helpful.

06/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very good plan!

06/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Well planed. Well organized. Exelent tour director. Exelent driver. Good hotels and locations. And the discount...

06/19/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Seek out Travel Planner Annette and she will complete your travel plans in a very efficient manner and provide you with the "Pavlus Discount".

06/18/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent customer service, substantial discounts, great referral program.

06/18/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent discounts on most travel and very helpful and courteous in arranging travel.

06/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very competitive rates. Entire staff was competent, efficient and friendly. Prompt response to any/all of my questions and concerns. Excellent "agent" between me/us and the cruise lines.

06/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus was able to provide lots of choices at the best prices for our tour of Ireland. Globus tour company was excellent and our tour guide, Carmel, fantastic! Thanks again Annette for working with us !

06/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and courteous, responsive, helpful and caring!

06/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus finds the best deals in travel, negotiates all the details, and gives a rebate for using their services.

06/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

What a great incentive program that gives back, in cash, a percentage of the it

06/03/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

If you want to save money on your travel you should book with Pavlus Travel! Not only do they have travel planners, but also excellent customer service people to keep you updated with all your questions in a current way.

05/31/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have already recommended using Pavlus travel to another couple on the cruise we were on. I thought the service was great, and received very timely responses from Annette and Marca. It was convenient and I thought Pavlus had competitive pricing and offers. I would certainly use Pavlus again in the future and recommend to others. Thanks! Beth

05/18/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

That you saved me money!!!!

05/18/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The best staff for customer service and attention to detail and the best pricing in the industry! Thanks, we really appreciate Annette, Marca and Debbie.

05/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

good rates

05/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We are repeat customer. Everything was fine. Marca was particularly helpful working out some of the details.

05/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent planning, price, and service from Pavlus, Especially Annette and Marca.

05/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Professionals doing an outstanding job-especially Annette and Marca. Thank you.

04/28/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They are reputable booked cruises and bus tours no prob and give me cruise credit or money off price of tour

04/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler


04/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always like working with the very helpful and efficient staff. My requests are easily met and I receive something back for using Pavlus. I passed information along on my last trip and gave Annette's number to one of the guests on or tour.

04/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The staff is responsive and has suggestions concerning the cruise or tour. They offer discounts on travel,

04/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We would , and did , tell people that it was the most economical way to cruise. We gave cards to two couples this last trip and they seemed quite interested. Hopefully , they will contact you for their next trip. We thank you for the shipboard credits, They are very helpful. We are very happy with Pavlus Travel and will continue to recommend you. Barbara

04/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

good service and prices

04/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have told people, here where we live and on the recent Viking River cruise (Portraits of Southern France), about the excellent service and great pricing that we received from Pavlus. Used up all of my referral cards. I think that the one differentiation for me for Pavlus is the discount that you pass along to your clients. I have had good service from other Travel Agents, but nobody beats your discounts. Additionally, I had booked a Viking Ocean cruise for 2016 through you in October 2014. When Viking changed the published itinerary, we were not as thrilled with the revised itinerary. Pavlus went to bat for us with Viking and got our "non-refundable" deposit back - great customer service.

04/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very good pricing. Repeat customer discounts

04/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Check all others and then call Pavlus for the best price and service.

03/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The agents at Pavlus are available and responsive. Follow-up is good and they check the details. They are also responsive to questions and any issues as they come up.

02/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is wonderful. Helpful, prompt, got us a great deal.

02/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very helpful..over several years.

02/19/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We found Pavlus as a referral from Tauck and found the staff to be knowledgeable , thorough and responsive to our travel needs. We loved the fact that we received a discounted price but not discounted services.

02/17/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is so great to work with. Usually my husband and I have made our decision on the trip destination with suggested flights if applicable. There has never been a problem with any of the many tours we have booked with Pavlus. My husband and I recommend Pavlus whenever we have a chance. Aline Weber

02/16/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We are extremely happy with Pavlus Travel. Annette looks for the best rooms and rates for us. We used Pavlus since 2002 and have gone on 4 Tauck Tours and 5 cruises so I\'d say we are super satisfied. Several of our friends use Pavlus because of our experience as well. In addition, Pavlus is highly competitive and has the best rates. That\'s a huge plus! Dr. Susan Heiferman

02/09/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

great people and finally a cost competitive travel agent!

02/08/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service - love the cash back!

02/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would say that your service is very good--that is, that your agents are friendly and helpful, that they find good prices, and make all of a client\'s travel arrangements efficiently and reliably. We have never had any problems with a trip booked through Pavlus. I would also tell them that Pavlus offers a generous reimbursement and, for cruise travelers, has a good bottle of wine waiting in their staterooms to welcome them. I lead a class for international graduate students and visiting scholars at Ohio State. When I told them about our recent cruise (Mayan Mystic on Oceania) they asked who my travel agent was, and I gave you an enthusiastic recommendation.

01/28/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and Marca were very communicative....keeping us informed. The rebate was a critical element of their service. They even gave us a ship credit.

01/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our experience with Pavlus is they provide very competitive prices on tours and cruises. Further, you can trust what they say.

01/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best prices and are willing to work with you if unforeseen events occur.

01/19/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have told people that Pavlus offers some very good OBC and rebates and when considering a cruise they should contact Pavlus to see what the company can do for them.

12/29/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Service was prompt, organized and clear in wheat was covered.

12/27/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is very helpful. We got a rebate on every trip we have taken. Your customer service is great.

12/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The price from Pavlus is less than other travel agencies. The staff is also very efficient and keep on top of things.

12/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficient service, great pricing. Annette and Marca came through for us when I needed help with airline seat assignments for our AMAWaterways cruise.

12/02/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The personalized attention that we received from Craig when we had some concerns about our vacation was don\'t often have the opportunity to actually talk to the president and owner of a company when you have concerns or issues. Also, the rebate and additional on board credit we usually get really helps with the cruise expenses, especially for those luxury cruises we tend to choose!

11/28/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and her team are a joy to work with. There are never any glitches and we have found everyone at Pavlus to be responsive and responsible.

11/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You handled our reservations well and your refund policy is great!

11/06/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great travel agency. Great discounts. friendly agents. everything you want to plan your vacation.

11/05/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great travel agency, beat any published prices, great customer service,

10/30/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Responsiveness of staff especially Annette at the beginning planning stage and answers to any questions or requests. There is always someone there willing to help with planned or future trips and offer recommendations.

10/24/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service. Excellent pricing keeps me coming back every time.

10/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The customer service is wonderful. The pricing is the best of any travel agency.

10/14/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended Pavlus Travel on several occasions. I tell people that we have had good experiences. Annette\'s team takes care of all the details so we don\'t need to worry that something will be overlooked. In addition we get a discount (I think).

10/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Will tell them of my many years dealing with Pavlus Travel...and all with great success. Also love those little checks that arrive before departure as they cover the cost of my wine selections that I enjoy while cruising. It is a pleasure to do my booking with Annette who has been so professional and efficient, while being friendly during our planning. See you again in 2015.

09/29/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service at a good price

09/28/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

excellent pricing, dependable.

09/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service and prices from a well informed and trained travel planner.

09/23/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very good value for money. Friendly service. Globus Tours are the BEST!!

09/23/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Save on your trips. Easy to book. Friendly staff

09/18/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Service is excellent and so are savings.

09/16/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have said to people that Pavlus can be trusted to do a great job.

09/04/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have referred many people to you! You are the best!

09/04/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You\'ll like the discounts.

09/02/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service, good to provide a good selection of travel service providers, especially with regard to cruises, We actually had a cruise-tour and enjoyed it immensely. Annette has been very thoughtful over the years of our relationship with Pavlus. I think this is at least our fourth year using Pavlus for our major travel.

08/30/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have been working with Pavlus for many years and they have really made it extremely easy to plan a tour or cruise. Annette, in particular, has done a wonderful job on getting us the best pricing on whatever tour we are thinking about. She responds to us either by phone or e-mail promptly and seems to make us feel that we are friends, not just another customer. We are looking forward to booking our next trip with Pavlus.

08/30/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great support, especially from Annette and Marca. Great discount and a complete travel agency.

08/23/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

great prices

08/18/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Sure appreciate the cost saving that Pavlus offers.

08/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Gave us a fair price

08/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We\'ve been Pavlus clients for many years & find the company very dependable. Annette & Marca are very helpful & efficient with our booking.

08/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would tell them that this was my fourth trip booked by Pavlus and that the agent was helpful and knowledgeable. I would tell them about the rebates I received and the addiitonal fee I will receive for recommending a friend.

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

your services are: responsive friendly helpful in planning helpful in sourcing internet offers from multiple carriers providing a discount to clients

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great cruise! Thanks to Annette for all her help.

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They know the cruise business. Good prices and good service. A little slow in getting back sometimes, but they get the arrangements made in a timely fashion and seem to have a lot of juice with the cruise line.

07/31/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best rates & customer service available! Cheers to Annette, Marca and Michael for always being so responsive and accomodating. Looking forward to my 2015 cruise booked with Pavlus and will definitely be booking in 2016 and beyond. Thanks for all you do Pavlus.

07/24/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have been using Pavlus for years. Have had them book cruises, river cruises, and Globus tours and they have always been able to beat prices I have found elsewhere. I have currently been working with Annette and she is great.

07/22/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is special. She is most helpful and always shows she cares. We always receive our documents in a timely manner. This is our tenth trip with Tauck and Annette and Pavlus make booking easy. A travel agency is only as good as its employees and you have a winner in Annette.

07/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent customer service, very good discounts, very well regarded by travel industry, and just about every tour/cruise, etc. is part of Pavlus\'s offerings

07/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette and her team were extremely helpful in arranging our cruise and in responding to our needs.

06/30/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great value - one of the few travel agencies that significantly discount cruises. Great agent - met our needs promptly. A very pleasant experience overall.

06/28/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would recomend Annette, she is more than helpful and works with you to get the best deals and prices, returns calls in a timely manner and goes out of her way to help and get the information I asked for. Pavlus has the best prices and has a very good selection of tours and cruises to choose from. We are looking forward to next years\' travel plans and once again contacting Annette.

06/24/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Competitive pricing. Good service.

06/23/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices

06/16/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette does a great job and customer service is helpful - also prices are good

06/14/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great customer service, knowledgeable travel planner, very good discounts, excellent referral program.

06/14/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus was very helpful, efficient and caring. Also, cost-efficient.

06/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Fair rebates and good service. Excellent operation.

06/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is great to work with. I especially like the additional discount. Pavlus has booked several Globus tours for us, and we always save money! Every little bit helps!

06/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus agents can book trips with most of the major tour/cruise companies at substantial savings. Even though the cost of the tours are discounted, the service is top notch. We have booked with Pavlus before and will continue to do so in the future.

05/27/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Friendly service and good pricing.

05/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very good service with exceptional pricing.

05/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best prices. Responsive service. Rebates!

05/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have traveled exclusively through Annette and Pavlus since 2002. That was our first trip abroad and since then we have booked a dozen trips. We think the hotels in the Globus tours are not only excellent quality but they are located in the city centers near transportation which enables us to venture out on our own. There has never been a glitch in the transfers, on time excursions, tour guides always are top notch. They have the nice mix of professional, down to earth,and knowledgeable. The same can be said about Avalon river cruises. Even when we booked Mexican vacations and Regent of the Seas cruise there always is a small shipboard credit or additional discount which we surely appreciate. So I tell my friends to look no further than Pavlus and Annette. Looking forward to our next trip. Hmmm maybe Italy!

05/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great discounts

05/10/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is the best! I recommend you all the time! Great service and great prices! Thank you for another wonderful trip!

05/10/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

"you won't have any problems. Everything will be done and will be done accurately and thoroughly"

04/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have recommended you though I don't think anyone has taken us up on it thus far. I've told people that we have been using Pavlus Travel for several years and are pleased with their service.

04/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is excellent in listening to what we are looking for in a trip/cruise and she coordinates the entire trip extremely well In fact Annette has coordinated our travel plans for a number of years. We are in the process of booking several cruises with the American Queen for 2015. Thank you very much for such wonderful service.

04/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service, great discounts, and great advice. I am a multi repeat customer of Pavlus Travel and highly recommend Annette as your travel planner.

04/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus does a good job in keeping up with the trip planning assuring a good experience for the client. We were especially thankful for help provided in pre-trip help with travel paper work, i.e., Passport, Visa, Boarding Pass..... All this at the best price.

04/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We love working with Annette at Pavlus. She is able to work miracles with pricing and is very knowledgeable with any type of tour or cruise. The referral and rebate programs are an added bonus!

04/07/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy to use. Great deals. Helpful staff.

04/06/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Dependable, price competitive.

04/05/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent rebate system. Often get OBC and/or prepaid grats. Speedy, efficient service. Marca is terrific -- solved a problem that I had left to the literal last minute! We'll be using your services again.

04/05/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have worked with Annette many times. As usual, all went well. We had a great time. Thanks Annette

02/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Actually we have already recommended Pavlus to a handful of friends and fellow cruisers (have one referral to date), and will continue to do so. Pavlus hooked us with its "absolute lowest price" guarantee--which it continues to deliver on--and the fact it does a great deal of business with Regent and Tauck, the two companies we're most interested in spending our travel dollars with these days. The icing on the cake for us? Annette, a very experienced and competent travel planner, and a real pleasure to work with. Very happy that in our own "backyard" we can count on a travel agency the caliber of Pavlus Travel.

02/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices.

02/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very easy to work with.

02/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Your staff is informative and helpful. Also, your rates are the best.

02/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette has handled all of our cruises for several years. She gets us what we want for a good price and incentives.

02/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I've been a Pavlus client for 20 years and they are great. Annette CdeBaca is the best travel agent that I've ever worked with. They get you the best prices at the times you want for the ultimate vacation experience.

02/04/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and perks.

02/04/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices!

02/03/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus, especially Annette, is very knowledgeable about all the tours! She offers great discounts on the tours, even the least expensive tours. We have traveled with Caravan several times before and Annette was very easy to work with in making the contacts and getting back to,us with information.

01/26/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service, great prices and Annette is the BEST !!!

01/09/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is terrific with answering all questions and giving me the best price as well as on board credit which is greatly appreciated. Been using Pavlus for years and will continue to do so.

01/06/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Couldn't be more pleased with services provided. Always provides best prices on almost any tour or cruise.

12/28/2013 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I believe Annette is both knowledgeable and ethical while still being very pleasant. I would recommend her to anyone being very confident she would never let me down.

12/27/2013 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Annette is extremely professional as well as thorough.

12/27/2013 Pavlus Verified Traveler

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