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Recommendations and Reviews of Donna

All reviews are from actual Pavlus clients

Overall it was excellent

11/11/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Weather a problem, otherwise perfect.

11/04/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna has been a great help to us for many years. When discussing travel and vacation experiences and plans with friends and colleagues, we always recommend Pavlus travel and Donna specifically. Several have become Pavlus clients. Thank you.

11/02/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have used Pavlus for years! Donna is the best.

10/29/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler


10/28/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler


10/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great vacation. Very complete Globus tour. Beautiful Italy and Sicily. Pavlus gives us very good service and great discounts. Client since 2002. Thank you

10/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This was a wonderful cruise well planned by Donna Dominguez. She also had great customer service gal, Leann Wright that did a fantastic job booking our flights on United. She had to charge us $50 each for the custom air fee and it was so worth it. We were on the ship with many people from Seattle, we all flew together going over but we had a much better flight coming home and beat everyone home by many hours. We were not able to visit Charlottetown, Canada because of protecting the whales and caused us to have longer times at sea. The crew did very well and made the cruise extra special. This is our 5th Cruise on Viking going thru Donna and HIGHLY recommend Pavlus Travel and Donna. We have sent many people to your company. Also, thank you for the check to provide $'s to have some extra fun on the trip. Our Very best to you and thank you. Wayne & Kathy Green

10/19/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna was exceptionally helpful in discussing the Tour and booking it along with the flights. The Insights Vacation Best of Germany tour was very good. What make it so was the excellent Tour Director, Hildegard Peiker and the local tour guides. The hotel accommodations were comfortable, the Coach driver was very good and the tour group of 39 was diverse and very compatible. We'd do another tour with Onsight Vacations and of course utilize Pavulus Travel and Donna

10/19/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very pleased with $$$ in our on board account.

10/16/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We enjoy working with Donna. She's very responsive and helpful.

10/15/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Did 2 tours- one with Insight and one with Cosmos. Had great tour directors and bus drivers. Loved the itineraries- good hotels with great breakfasts. Missed going to the Orkney's due to stormy weather-ferry not running, but the tour director filled in with other activities. Met another traveler who uses Pavlus. I've traveled for decades with you and always received info on time. Keep up the good work. Donna went to extra work to find my flights to hook up these tours, and I appreciate it.

10/15/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna has booked several tours for me over the years and I'm always impressed with her service and knowledge of the countries and tour itineraries..

10/08/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This trip was a Viking River cruise. The cruise was okay. Anyway regardless of the fact that I was mildly pleased with the cruise and might not do a river cruise again even though I enjoy the river cruise, I think Donna especially and the rest of the staff at Pavlus do an excellent job. I'm trying to refer others. Please don't telephone me. I will call you when I need you.

10/05/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I enjoyed the trip very much as I always do Globus tours. They are well organized and the tour director was excellent ! The only complaint is that it was the last tour of the season and many of the things we wanted to do were not available as the businesses were getting ready to close for the winter. Maybe the last tour in Norway should be schedule earlier to avoid this problem.

10/02/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This was our first "Tour" is many years and the first that we completely planned. Although we had glowing recommendations from friends that Globus was wonderful, we did not know until actually taking the trip. We were so pleased from beginning to end with everything done by Globus and Pavlus. Although structured and a tight schedule, Globus gave us the opportunity to take in so much and see so much for which we are grateful. I have already given out two referral cards and will continue to do so in the future when the occasion permits. Our accommodations during the vacation were all very good, no complaints. Tour director, Maria, and driver Pasquale were both excellent, accommodating, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Could not ask for anything more. From booking the tour, Pavlus was very helpful with questions that arose, as well as lending a hand with seating changes on flights. Thank you to Pavlus and Globus, we hope we will travel with you again in the future. Evan & Roberta Mattson

10/01/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always good to have Pavlus and Donna Dominguez as my travel company and agent.

09/30/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have been with Pavlus for several years, we are satisfied with your service.

09/29/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna Dominguez is very good.

09/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I am a repeat client and huge fan of Pavlus. Donna Dominguez is our best friend when it comes to traveling the world and I can't say enough about her dedication to her clients. Every trip she plans is seamless, worry free and better than we expected. We just finished the Russia River cruise and are already searching for our next adventure. Thank you Craig. Steve "Tink" Tinklepaugh

09/20/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Globus Kenya/Tanzania was one of the best tour we had..Pavlus service was very good...

09/17/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is AWESOME! She has planned many of our trips and has yet to disappoint us. Donna is easy to work with and encourages you to go to places you hadn't even thought about. Have never meet her in person, but that's on my bucket list! Keep up the good work, Pavlus. We've referred you to several people and will continue to do so! Hedwig Pettinger

09/11/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

top of the line,especially donna.

09/08/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always satisfied.

09/03/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

AS always Donna did an excellent job. I like your services and your prices.

09/02/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great cruise with Viking. Donna and staff as usual did a great job!

08/28/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had a wonderful time on this cruise.

08/08/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I sent in separate survey comments direct to Cosmos, who did our tour in Ireland. Pavlus did a great job, especially handling our notice that my daughter was in a wheelchair for this trip.

07/18/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna provided expert service enjoyed the cruise so many ch we have already reserved a second cruise for 2020 to the Northern Atlantic area of Sweden and England.

07/06/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

wonderful, informative excursions, good food, relaxing

07/05/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Use Pavlus for all Viking travel.

07/01/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always have our best interest in mind. Trips were great. Started with a Globus trip then did B2B Avalon Riverboat trips.

06/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Enjoyed the trip very much Tour and tour guide very good Donna helped us with the trip Will use globus agaiin

06/06/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is always very attentive to my questions. She is quick to respond to any of concerns. I appreciate her personal touch.

05/20/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended Pavlus to a number of people on our world cruise.

05/12/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

As usual. Donna did an excellent job with our cruise. It was an experience taking an a Transatlantic Cruise. We are going to look into another real soon since we enjoyed it so much. Thank you again for the good service and benefits that we receive as a return client. Dorothy Kelleher

05/04/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It is always a pleasure to work with Donna and her team. They are knowledgeable, courteous, reliable. Excellent communication!

04/08/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent trip to Cuba!

03/28/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always use Pavlus. Best prices and best service!!

03/18/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We were very satisfied with Pavlus' assistance in planning our cruise.

03/15/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

DONNA did a wonderful job in setting up our Crystal Cruise for a total of 7 people (3 couples + 1single). She also preservered in resolving an issue regarding shipboard credits for the 4 original passengers (Butlers & Tereshko’s) DONNA worked to resolve these issues while we continued to enjoy our cruise. Thanks to DONNA. This trip was our f4th itinerary worked with DONNA’s assistance. We remain happy repeat clients.

03/11/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna extremely helpful. With insurance, with shore excursions, etc.

02/23/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It was another great with outstanding service from your organization. Thank you

01/12/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna and Pavlus are wonderful.Have refered several clients to Donna.

01/11/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler


12/29/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It was one of the best vacations that we ever took. Donna was a great help in planning our trip, as she has in the past. We will be looking into another River Cruise for next year. We really enjoyed everything about it. Thank you

11/23/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Vacation was great . Being on as small ship has a great advantage, the number of passengers to staff. Service was excellent. We had a great time with Viking.

11/19/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great tour and was great dealing with Pavlus because every time we called with a concern they got back to us in a timely fashion. Always a pleasure dealing with Donna and Pavlus.

11/11/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Fabulous trip!! Would recommend it to anyone able to travel , move , and enjoy incredible sights!!! Food, touring and accommodations were great. Always on the go, which allowed us to see a lot!!!! Everyone we spoke to at Pavlus was helpful. The tour operator was slow in getting back to us on many occasions and various Pavlus employees assisted us in what we needed. Nice to know Pavlus was there!!!

11/01/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

top notch pricing and people!

10/25/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Have been very satisfied with the services with Pavlus and will use them again for future travels and will highly recommend them to friends and family.

10/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Enjoyed it very much.

10/23/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very satisfied as usual!

10/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

As always Donna Dominguez - provided excellent support and advice on setting up my back-to-back recent vacation to the canyon lands and Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. The quality of the guys was excellent. I appreciate, as a single supplement, I had a separate seat to myself when the bus. That really made a great difference. The guides were excellent and hotels and lodges were in perfect locations. As usual, Tauck and Pavlus did a first-class job

10/02/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Wonderful service .

09/25/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Enjoyed tour very much. Excellent tour guide. Donna Dominguez has booked our tours for several years. She has done a superior job for us.

09/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Timely professional planning helped to ensure every detail was in place I look forward to another great trip Stan

09/06/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had an amazing vacation and the discounts available through pavlus helped us enjoy ourselves guilt free.

09/04/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They get the job done

08/29/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great people to work with. Prompt response to phone calls

08/26/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and low cost

08/26/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Quick response, outstanding planners, lower prices...highly recommend.

08/22/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best Tauck tour agency and travel planner.

08/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Made the extra effort to obtain discount. Responded quickly in helping to resolve minor issue with Insight.

08/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good discounts

08/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service and best prices we were able to find.

07/31/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Two major things: 1) Donna (and I presume the other agents) knows the cruise lines, tour companies, etc and can help find a good fit for you, 2) The discount that Pavlus offers - a huge benefit over other travel agencies 3) Donna seems to have a relationship with cruise and tour operators and can help solve issues or lobby on your behalf.

07/31/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent, experienced agents that treat each travel experience as if it were their own.

07/22/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

recommended many people on this trip.

07/19/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna kept an eye open for what we were looking for and found a much better deal than what was available through the cruise line. She also provided excellent service and answered any questions we had in a prompt manner.

07/06/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The triip far exceeded our expectations

07/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices! Easy to work with. I ended up giving your name to two people, one of whom had way too many connecting flights to get to Europe !

06/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service!

06/26/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I received very good service and Customer care was readily available to help when I could not reach my travel agent. Find an agent that you can relate to and rely on.

06/22/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good prices on cruising.

06/21/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always have given us good service, good prices and nice rebates. DD has been wonderful.

06/20/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great rates. Great follow through. Great response to any concerns.

06/16/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy to deal with and rebates.

06/13/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna always provides great service and gives us the best price.

06/13/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We are just happy with the planning.

06/11/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

A true vacation where everything is taken care of. All we had to do was enjoy. Service was wonderful, food great.

06/07/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good prices, always pleasant & complete attention to your requests

06/06/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

On my recent river cruise I gave out many of the cards frm Donna and t9ld everyone what a great travel agent she was and how great Pavlus is with allthe extra discounts they give and the special card they take of their clients.

06/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Friendly and knowledgeable.

06/04/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good prices on tours and good service

05/30/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Extremely helpful with answering questions and making suggestions to make the most of your vacation.

05/30/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Helpful service and good discounts offered.

05/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very responsive, fast turnaround, good pricing and straight forward.

05/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had a great time. It was very easy to plan. The tour company was exactly as expected with a few pleasant surprises from the guides. It was a very good value for the cost.

05/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is amazing! She will get you every credit possible, is effective and efficient. Very responsive and helpful. Good prices.

05/08/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

All my interactions with Donna or others were professional, efficient and friendly. The 10% rebate is a great perk and that's what I said to others on the trip. We appreciate the in cabin arrival gifts. A very nice touch. Thank you.

04/02/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very smooth handling. Good prices. Referral credit.

03/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

That you are friendly, efficient, give the best prices, keep in touch after client books with any updates. We have been booking with Pavlus on cruises, riverboats and land excursions and have always been pleased with your service. We just booked another cruise with you for February 2018 and previously for August of 2018. Hope to fit some others inbetween Always a please to work with Donna. Linda Niemeyer

03/13/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

large coverage of type of tours and have had good discounts and service

03/06/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service.

02/21/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna has been a pleasure to work with over the years. She has always given us a great deal. We often travel as a large family group (16-19 people) and she has worked hard to get us cruise ship cabins near each other.

01/25/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We are a repeat customer on a previous Viking Cruise in Europe. This one was from San Juan and was excellent. Donna did a great job taking care of us as did others from your company. Viking as also extremely professional and fun. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

01/18/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and good deals

01/06/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good price

12/14/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I've always appreciated Donna Dominguez support. She is always finds the best deals for us and I always appreciate working with her.

11/06/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The discounts are great.

10/31/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great price and terrific service

10/26/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna does a fine job of proving information and responding to our questions. The Pavlus team does a great job tracking due dates. There are usually some price breaks on products and nice bonus gifts. Thank you for the nice job!

10/24/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very Knowledgeable, helpful with suggestion and options and always looks to find the lowest price for the customer rather than commission. Have been a very satisfied customer for ~10 cruises/tours. We are glad that Gate 1 has been added to your recommended list. We started with them about 6 years ago before you were using themand have been very satisfied with both price and quality of service.

10/21/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is an excellent travel company to book tours, cruises, and other schedule activities. Their focus is on the pre-planned travel industry and the savings are great!,

10/01/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great customer service and they do what they claim......offer great deals and will save you money. The have a sense of customer satisfaction and a sense of urgency for the customer!

09/30/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They had the best prices.

09/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great customer service. Donna is always very helpful and prompt with our questions or requests.

08/29/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Better pricing than others. Organized everything very well. No stress for us. Helpful when we had a question- especially using email.

08/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler


08/22/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna did an outstanding job organizing a group of 8 which is quite a challenge!

08/05/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended Pavlus to many friends! I love working with Pavlus!

08/04/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Crazy not to use them!

07/15/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and discounted prices.

06/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices and great service.

06/27/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus has always been nice to deal with. Answers all our questions and returns our calls when necessary. Travel prices have always been very reasonable. Accurate in getting all travel information to us.

06/20/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

DD has always taken great care of us! Thank you DD

06/20/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good job, good prices.

06/02/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have been using Pavlus Travel for all of our travel reservations except airlines for the past 13 years. We have now introduced two of our friends to Donnand we have all been very pleased with both the service and the prices. We will continue to travel through Pavlus in our upcoming trips,

06/01/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Amazing trip at amazing prices!

05/16/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have used Pavlus Travel exclusively for both land tours and cruises for the last few years and have been very happy with their professionalism and expertise. We have also enjoyed the check that comes to us just before we leave for our trips. It really comes in handy!

05/04/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have been using your agency and Donna for a number of years and have found your service to be "top notch". Donna is very attuned to our needs and desires and does everything possible to meet our expectations. In addition, we like your "credit" in the form of cash. Many folks we have spoken to on cruises tell us they receive a shipboard credit but would much rather have cash in their pocket. We are booked on a Tauck River Cruise, through you, for August of this year and are planning a 24 day cruise in 2017 and a longer cruise in 2018. Thanks for your good work and good prices.

04/13/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our travel planner is always prompt in returning my emails and always listens to my requests when it comes to my flight choices.

03/31/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Use them!!! They save you soooo much money!! Don't know how they do it!

03/13/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would say that Pavlus Travel has some excellent travel planners. Donna was extremely helpful and a very pleasant person. I appreciate everything she did for me and my party to help us to have had a wonderful time. Thanks Donna. Angelina Azan

02/10/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

There has never been a hitch or issue any of the times we have used Pavlus Travel. No special fees or surprises and in fact there have been unexpected perks that went along with the booking. It was a very nice experience.

02/10/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

have not had any difficulties with booking. if donna not available one of her coworkers was very helpful. i do like the rebate.

02/02/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I love working with Donna. I always get great prices and friendly service.

01/22/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient,organized,reliable and complete in organizaing travel. The discount is nice.

01/22/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Reliable service and it saves you money.

01/22/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Managed the trip well answered all questions.

12/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler


12/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excelent service and price

12/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have been working with Donna Dominquez for a number of years. She and Pavlus representatives are very knowledgeable and work to find the right itinerary and the best price. She is willing to consider offerings by other tour companies and always gives us honest advice. There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to use Pavlus for my travel needs.

12/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I like your prices and the fact that you are known by the Cruise Companies so that any upgrades available to a customer is immediately relayed to us. Donna did a great job in upgrading our recent cruise cabin into a suite. I also like your sail away gifts to your customers. Keep up the good work! and Thank you Donna, for a great cruise.

12/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I'd say they handled everything with no problem and I loved my gift cards!

11/30/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna was extremely helpful in finding us a river cruise (Romantic Danube) for the date parameters we had and also had three cabins to accommodate us and our children. As busy as Donna was, if we left a voice mail or email she got back to us with the info we needed promptly. Both Pavlus and Viking were easy to deal with and met our expectations. Since this was our first river cruise we, relied on Donna and our friends who had traveled with Viking via Pavlus to and were pleased with the results.

11/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great job and the best prices

11/16/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have used DD and Pavlus Travel for about 15 years. They are nothing short of GREAT! DD has always worked closely with us to get us the right cabin at the right price. Pavlus offers discounts for tours and nice rebates or OBC for cruises. As long as we are able to travel, I feel confident we will continue using Pavlus Travel and more specifically DD.

11/12/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Consistent and courteous. Answers all my questions in a timely manner. Love the discount.

11/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Offers best rates and would be a 10 if the staff were not so busy. I know that's great for Pavlus but very difficult for clients to get through.

11/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We love DD...she always helps us with any issues. And she's why we stay with Pavlus....and recommend you.

11/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus travel,DD in particular is very efficient they are able to get the best pricing and good follow through. Our most recent trip, a river cruise with Viking, was a wonderful trip the air that they arranged almo made me cancel. Viking was not even close to helpful only when Pavlus got involved did we get some help. There were plenty of others on our cruise that had the same issue.

11/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Saved us money, coordinated all activities, easy to work with which made it so easy for us in planning our trip.

11/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Biggest reason would be the PRICE

11/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have been using Donna for a number of years and have always found her to be thorough in planning our vacations and very prompt in responding to any inquiry we may have. I would recommend Donna as well as Pavlus to anyone looking for a travel agent. We presently have 3 upcoming trips already booked. Your prices are below what one could find at other agencies.

11/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

On time, courteous and returns calls.

10/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They have always treated us very well, willing to answer all sorts of questions, and never making you feel like there is anything they would rather do than help you. We also like the travel rebates they give. It's always a bonus to get money back!

10/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

That they should check your price and compare with other agencies. Service is excellent by Donna D.

10/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Attention to all details, experienced insight, fun to work with. Gave Donna's card out to couple on last Tauck tour to Yosemite... Wes

10/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Working with your staff (Donna) is easy - Donna is very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. We feel very confident having her help us with our travel plans. There is no such thing as "it's not my job" - all your staff is helpful, friendly and able to answer questions etc. Your follow up emails and notices are greatly appreciated.

10/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They are very good at providing great service and pricing for all kinds of trips. We have always received a discount on pricing, so compare them to other companies price. We did have a problem on a trip last fall (not Pavlus,s fault) and we received a check from them. A great company to work with.

10/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is always most helpful. Thank you.

10/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We stayed at nice hotels, close to public transportation if you wanted to explore on your own, the optional excursions were very reasonable, the stops we made along the way were fun as well as educational. Our tour director, Justine McPherson, was outstanding along with all the local tour guides. My husband and I feel we received a lot for our money and would recommend anyone to take this tour. We are already looking into our next tour to Ireland. A big bang for your buck!

10/03/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good travel consultant. Gives money back after the trip.

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna definitely was cooperative and very easy to work with. I felt she always planned the best deal "for us" in every respect. I will definitely use her again.

09/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good price and helpful advice.

09/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This is an excellent travel company. They have most all tour companies represented and typically provide a discount to the stated prices. My agent was Donna and she has always been great at providing me information and assisting me with any issues. I have never had a problem when booking with Pavlus. Thanks for great travels!

09/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They work hard to make the reservations you wish and the 5% return on money spent is an incentive to repeat with more travel plans.

09/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great tours at a good price.

09/09/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus has the best customer service reps. We have used Donna for the past 6 years for our travel needs and she is wonderful.You have the best discounts in the industry.

09/09/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is fantastic. She is thorough, responsive, attentive. I recommend her to anyone. I can't speak for anyone else. I do feel comfortable with the company.

09/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great job with coordination of details. Knowledgeable people. Nice Pavlus gift (Amazon Card and Document Carrier) for using their services.

08/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended Pavlus to many people by telling them your prices are the very best, I wouldn't book a cruise any other way. On recent cruise I also very much appreciated the $100 beverage credit and 2 dinners at specialty restaurants. Couldn't be more satisfied.

08/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I feel that through Pavlus I get the best rate on the planned trips.

08/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is fantastic. Viking is a great company to cruise with (River cruising is WAAAY better than ocean), but Pavlus can get us a better price than we can get by going directly through Viking...and Donna is there to answer all our pesky questions. We have traveled with increasingly large groups (6 on the 1st trip, 18 on the 2nd and 28 on this most recent trip), and Donna has been great helping us navigate the complexities of a large group.

08/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent customer service and of course the 5% rebate. I want to especially compliment Brian Emery who spent a great deal of time and effort in finding my wife and I excellent tours in Stockholm and in London. Thank you!

08/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service, good discounts on the trips that we want to take.

08/17/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna never fails me. Great friendly service.Great price.

08/17/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The prices were excellent and Donna was extremely helpful

08/07/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel has been very attentive, meeting all clients needs and very dependable.

08/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would tell them about the rebates.

07/29/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna has always been very helpful and met our needs. Elnore

07/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have always been pleased with Pavlus Travel. They offer some very good discounts on travel.

07/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very happy with the service and the rebates.

07/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have scheduled many vacations through Pavlus Travel. Our agent, Donna, has always done a fabulous job booking our trips, answering my questions, and getting back to me. I will and have recommended using Pavlus Travel to others.

07/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna has always been helpful and I appreciate all the time and effort she has given us.

07/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended Pavlus to many friends and they have always been happy with the prices and service.

07/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

the availabillty of a discount was important but our agent, Donna was also very helpful and virtually always available.

07/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is always so very helpful and a pleasure to work with- that is why I use your agency. R. Weiss

07/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna has been very responsive to all questions. Handles everything very well. We have been using Pavlus for well over 10 years and have been very pleased. We have received the best prices - far better - than other discounters.

07/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good prices

07/03/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They contact you early and have all documentation to you well in advance of the trip. All connections between ship and shore (airport and hotel) worked very well.

06/29/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They are a great travel company with personal, efficient customer service. Their customer discounts are the best. Donna Domingus was always available to take my calls with questions or concerns and handled them in a timely fashion.

06/29/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy to work with. Some 'discount' on Tauck.

06/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

excellent discounts on Viking cruises

06/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I was so happy with everything, particularly the arrangement of the transfers--everything went so well. I know we will use you again. Lauren

06/16/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything was smooth and efficient

06/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient, thorough, most pleasant, had no worries, couldn't have done it without you. Was apparently a team effort, too, in getting all documents, etc. in place, confirmed and correct. Thank you

06/03/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent to work with!

06/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

All business can be conducted by e-mail, telephone or fax and the response is immediate even though Pavlus is located in New Mexico. All types of vacation packages are available and many offer rebates. There is a referral program for new clients. The travel planners are experienced and knowledgeable and this is especially appreciated for international travel. There is a customer service group that follows up when the assigned travel planner is not present or a pending item needs immediate attention.

05/28/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus was helpful in making all the travel plans, including coordinating our flights. I appreciated their help.

05/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna was very helpful when I e-mailed for flight info and the like.

05/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is great to work with!

05/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna was very responsive to all our questions. She got back to me within 24 hours. Her expertise was very reassuring as we are not experienced travelers.

05/08/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I am pleased with the outstanding customer service from Donna and her team. I also appreciate your Viking discount and referral program. Donna will hear from me again!

05/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I told numerous people on trip that I have used Pavlus over the years. I explained that I compared prices for about four or five companies, and Pavlus always was the lowest and provided great services. Some of the people used travel agents and was concerned about booking on line; and I explained that I have been doing so for about 20 years. I provided Donna's business card to a few people on the trip.

05/01/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is a very professional agency. I have worked with Donna on several occasions and have referred friends to her.

04/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You were very efficient and helpful. You provided continual folow-up before the cruise and provide a very nice package for documents, etc..

04/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You can save some money, get full service and a choice of many tours.

04/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficient, kept us up to date on airline changes. The recommended river tour was fabulous, no glitches.

04/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The only thing better than the fanatic service and healthy rebates is Donna! She is a sweetheart. And don't forget Lee.

04/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have been working with DD from Pavlus Travel for the past 15 years. She has helped us with our plans year after year. When there has been a problem, she has taken care of the problem. On top of it all, we get on board credit or a rebate which we would not get otherwise. We love her and hope to work with her for many years to come.

04/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good price, good service

03/18/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service and best value.

02/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is great to work with, We had issues with Royal Caribbean and she really worked with them to get it resolved.

02/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus offers the best prices and deals

02/09/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very helpful, responsive and organized.

01/12/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna did a great job with everything from wait list to departure.

01/07/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

1) Donna was very helpful, very friendly 2) Pavlus Travel saved us money

01/01/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I\'ve found you to be an efficient operation offering good prices.

12/23/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is trustworthy and a very nice person. Easy to work with. I recommend her and Pavlus to anyone I meet interested in travel because of her kindness and the good deals we get with Pavlus. You save me money. I like that.

12/22/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Call Donna!

12/09/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We get excellent service; Depending upon when we book, we get discounted fares; Our travel planner patiently answers our phone calls, answers our questions and solves our problems. (Thank you Donna, we like Viking, though I was annoyed at their asking me to "talk to the travel agent" for any small question I had, and had to bother you during your busy hours to get an answer! Their Managers and staff at all levels of the cruise provided excellent service!)

12/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Saved us lots of money. Donna was most helpful, as this was our first river cruise. I did mention you to some of our fellow travelers, and they were impressed with your service.

11/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

All our travels over the 2 month period went as planned. We enjoyed all our tours and cruises.

11/07/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great web site and prices are very good.

11/04/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It helps to have an idea of what you want but the rebate is really nice.

11/03/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very nice to work with. Efficient and helpful.

10/30/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They are a reliable company, easy to work with, and give you good price on a variety of tours around the world.

10/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Over the years I\'ve booked many vacation tours through Pavlus Travel. The agents are always helpful and respond quickly to email. In fact, for this trip there was a change in the itinerary rotation and they contacted me before the tour company did.

10/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna did a great job arranging everything for us and answered questions in a timely manner. We could not have been more pleased with her or Pavlus.

10/09/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have used Pavlus for over 14 trips and Donna has always been extremely helpful and has gotten me discounts that make each trip more affordable. Pavlus handles a wide variety of tour companies and cruise companies and has the best offers around. I highly recommend them to everyone I know and new traveling companions.

10/07/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Viking Imperial Jewels of China River Cruise. Pavlus provides good value and excellent support.

10/06/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They offer the same packages as other agencies but they offer a discount.

09/30/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is an excellent agent and your prices are great

09/24/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service, good pricing

09/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They deliver great service!

09/18/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very pleased to date with how things are going. We are still on our USA Holiday and enjoying every minute

09/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

My wife and I are interested in booking Tauck tours. Pavlus has the burst pricing for Tauck tours. Also I am very impressed by Donna\'s knowledge of tour options and provided some good suggestions concerning our tour options. Additionally, Donna was very conscientious about following up on trip details. We will recommend Pavlus to our friends.

09/07/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything was extremely well-handled. Trip went off like clockwork and it was the best trip we have ever taken. we plan to take another one in two years.

09/04/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very pleasant to deal with, efficient and good on all levels.

08/30/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Outstanding customer service. Donna truly cares about her clients

08/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good value and good service for many years with different representatives.

08/14/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

-Always have the lowest prices for the cruises we have taken.

08/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna...............Does everything..........she gets it all done

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Discounted Tauck tours while on a Tauck tour. To explain that they are able to receive a discount and get good service.

08/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Found them to be very helpful when any questions arose.

07/24/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The prices for the tours are very good and if you have a question or concern Donna always responds in a timely manner.

07/22/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent services and prices. Nice people.

07/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna Dominques has always been a great contact over all the years I have been a client. (I think I booked my first tour with Pavlus Travel 16 years ago.)

07/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Enjoy the rebate feature. Documents arrive in a timely manner.

07/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We like your prices and the fact that we always get a shipboard credit or rebate check from you.

07/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended Pavlus to others on my recent tour to Italy. A very important point with traveling with Pavlus is the 5% rebate of the tour price one receives near the beginning of the trip. This comes in handy to buy foreign money and have extra left over to tip the tour guides etc.

07/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Friendly, reliable, informative and economic service. Have not found better. Donna is very knowledgeable of the industry and destinations.

07/07/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The price is great and the people are so easy to work with. I will continue to use your services.

07/06/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You get prompt attention; good advice when sought for; quick quotes with discounts and when the recommended traveler books through Pavlus, you will get a small reward in cash. Prompt action to book the trip when requested over phone or e-mail results in meeting the deadlines imposed by the Travel Service providers. Added benefit is the discounts offered at various levels.

07/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our travel agent Donna was very much service oriented, efficient and helpful thruout the process of finalizing our Scandinavian vacation. I have given Donna\'s contact info to my friends who are thinking of tking an overseas tour.

07/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended Pavlus to other travelers for the swift and efficient response to the clients. Also, knowledgeable and friendly personality. I\'ve always enjoyed working with Donna over the years.

07/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You do an excellent job

06/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Thorough, responsive, extremely helpful. For example, there was a chance to buy some vouchers from our Viking ship good for next year. We needed to know, right away, if the itinerary we wanted for next year would be available on Viking. I emailed Donna, who got back to me immediately with the information I needed. We were very grateful.

06/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We recommend Pavlus to everyone we meet. We give out Donna\'s card and tell people about the great deals we get.

06/16/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our travel agent had great suggestions on making connections at London Heathrow. Time is needed to go through lengthy security checks, even if this is just a transfer point. There is a change of terminals as well. Donna suggested we try Virgin Air from SFO to LHR and this also turned out to be an excellent choice. She also helped us book our Virgin Air seat assignments before the usual 24 hour window opening. Receiving the 5% refund from Pavlus for a Tauck Tour was an added incentive to book with Pavlus rather than with Tauck directly. We found communicating by e-mail was more efficient than using the telephone with responses made in one day or less. Donna/Customer Service also sent passport and insurance information to Tauck that reflected the added service available from Pavlus. Overall this was a positive experience worthy of recommending Pavlus to our friends.

06/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I found that the service provided by your travel planners was excellent, timely with the customer coming 1st. This is our 2nd trip with Pavlus and will not be our last. Steve V.

06/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna is the best travel agent. She always sees that everything is taken care of for us. Everything runs smoothly because of Donna; so we can just enjoy our vacation.

05/26/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Donna did an excellent job. I am recommending her and Pavlus to everyone I know. I handed out a bunch of her cards while on the cruise. We are very happy with Donna and Pavlus. Going to Italy next year, and now looking at a Viking cruise to Russia for July; will be contacting Donna for sure.

05/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Helpful, efficient, does it all, discounts

05/10/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have been quite pleased with the planning procedure. The trip went off without a hitch. It was arranged through Globus and the people were excellent. Thanks for a great trip.

01/06/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

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