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Victoria R

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Recommendations and Reviews of Victoria R

All reviews are from actual Pavlus clients

Victoria is always helpful taking care of what we need. Thank you.

12/01/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very pleased with Pavlus, beginning to end of cruise. Will check with you again. Victoria was extremely efficient and quick to respond, First time dealing with Pavlus. Impressed!

11/23/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It was fabulous

11/17/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have worked with Victoria Rojo for several years now and have been very pleased with her and Pavlus. Good response and communication as well as good suggestions for future travel possibilities.

11/11/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Terrific as usual!

11/08/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The Travcoa Peruvian adventure was a unique experience but more strenuous than anticipated.

11/08/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I enjoyed the travel options, timely response to questions, and all around good vibe from Victoria. I've already given out several business cards from Victoria!

11/04/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You handled the communication with Insight Travel and airlines very smoothly.

11/02/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus has been our travel agency of choice for many years now. I have referred several of our friends to Pavlus and will continue to do that.

10/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything was just as Pavlus Travel set it up to be. Everything about the trip went smoothly. It was so nice to have Victoria take care of all the arrangements. Will use Pavlus again.

10/23/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I appreciated the almost instant responses to my emails and/or phone calls.

10/21/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great vacation! Pavlus discount was great as was the service provided by Pavlus agents.

10/20/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Another Great job. So easy to work with you from start to finish. Thanks for the free excursion. It was the best of the voyage. Thanks, Jim

10/17/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler


10/16/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything went well.

10/10/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Thank you to LeeAnn! Our first flight was cancelled and she worked hard and fast to get us rerouted.

10/10/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Was a great trip. Victoria worked hard to make our travel arrangements due to our relatively late booking.

09/29/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Odysseys Unlimited is great for small group tours and the flow of information between Pavlus and them/us is very good.

09/26/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus continued to offer great service which contributed to a very enjoyable vacation.

09/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything was great!!

09/22/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very happy with Victoria and Pavlus. We are on our 6th Odysseys Unlimited tour and highly recommend them. We booked our 7th Odysseys trip with Victoria before we left on this trip.

09/14/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

From start to finish, the entire process was seamless and pleasurable. Victoria was truly professional and from booking our Tauck tour to our flights to and from Europe, she made us aware of all the available options-both pro and con. This was our first trip planned through Victoria Rojo, and can hardly wait to refer Pavlus to both family and friends, as well as plannng our next vacation. A+ device all around.

09/13/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very satisfied with Pavlus and Tauck, however United Airlines is now on my "No-Fly List."

09/12/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Satisfied! Great service.

09/10/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

vacation was wonderful Victoria was always helpful Pavlus offered great value and service

08/31/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very happy with Victoria and Pavlus, appreciate the discount on cruises and complimentary dinner on ship. Job well done

08/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

trip was wonderful, our friends had a great time as well. Leaving 110 degrees in AZ to experience the best weather that Ireland has had in 70 years was an added bonus. We will definitely use Pavlus in the future and tell our friends.

08/01/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our flights were cancelled by AirCanada the day before departure. Less than 30 minutes after receiving the text notification from AirCanada, I received a call from Victoria with alternate flights - we were panicking and suddenly everything was put back on track. Thanks Victoria and Pavlus!

07/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria has handled several vacation for us. Never have been disappointed with the service she has provided.

07/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have booked two Viking cruises through Pavlus Travel and have been extremely satisfied. Victoria Rojo was very helpful in booking our trip and communicating with us when there was a change in our air schedule. The trip itself was truly "the trip of a lifetime" aboard the Viking Star on the Mediterranean Odyssey Ocean Cruise! Looking forward to making plans for another very soon! Thanks so much, Jan Schumacher

07/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This was a very memorable trip that was enjoyed by everyone in our family.

06/29/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This is our 2nd river trip and our Pavlus agent Victoria help make it the bust. We look forward to our next trip.

06/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Delighted with the rebates! We will always use Pavlus to book our tours & cruises

06/19/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We are still in Europe having a great time. Pavlus continues to cater to our every need.

06/19/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our river cruise with Emerald Waterways went beautifully! We loved the ship, the amenities, the food, the friendly staff. Every detail went well, flights were even on time. Although we were totally jetlagged for days after, we find ourselves more pleased about the trip each day we are home. I have already given referrals to friends and family. Pavlus made it all so easy to book and anticipate this trip. It was a memorable vacation! Thanks, Victoria and Pavlus! Patricia

05/28/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria from Pavlus took care of all the arraingments for us and made us feel at ease . The trip with Viking crusies was one of the best that we have taken. Pavlus made sure all our questions were answered and took care of. Flight and cruise were all taken care of. If you are taking a vacation, you can choose Pavlus for all you needs.

05/19/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had a great time. The people traveling with us had a problem with their room accomodation. They called Victoria and she handled the situation quickly and successfully.

05/01/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I really enjoyed the trip. I have never done a tour before, and it was great. Your pricing was very fair, and the travel agent was extremely easy to work with, always answered my questions in a timely manner, and was a great help with getting everything booked for us promptly.

04/26/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Information and follow up for cruise planning was very good. Already book next cruise with you and have recommended your agency whenever we travel

04/23/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have booked two tours through Pavlus Travel. This is the first one we actually traveled on, the other is coming this fall. We are very pleased with our first tour/cruise and the service offered by Victoria.

04/17/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

P. Is always the way to go...

04/08/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great Vacation. Love working with Victoria

04/01/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

As usual it was FANTASTIC!!!!!

03/26/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We highly recommend Pavlus Travel! We work with Victoria and in this case, Christine helped out as well. Both of the Ladies provided excellent service. This is the 3rd trip we've booked with Victoria and 1 with Jamie. We appreciate the level of service and discounts you provide. Our vacation was awesome! It was our first Viking Ocean cruise. We previously were on Viking River cruises. One suggestion that I shared with Victoria is in regards to the on board credits. There was a nice note in our stateroom letting us know about the on board credits, however it didn't mention that they were from Pavlus Travel. We knew that they were from you and in my mind, you should get the credit. Hope this helps. Regards, Jeff Mallace

03/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was great to work with. Pavlus discounts are terrific. I would definitely use them again.

03/18/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

For the past four years, my wife and I have been working with Victoria Rojo in booking our trips. Victoria is truly outstanding in every way! Victoria has been extremely patient, understanding, and above all professional in answering all our questions. She always returns our phone calls or e-mails, and no concern or question is too small for her to deal with. The Pavlus team (Victoria Rojo and the Customer Service) is doing a superb job and we are happy that we can work with Victoria in planning trips. In a way, Victoria, my wife, and I form a special team in making sure that our travel plans become a reality. Pavlus makes it possible for us to book excellent trips as well as to save us money simultaneously. What could be better than this? With Victoria's help and admirable service, we intend to use Pavlus for our future travel needs.

02/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our cruise was supposed to start 12/6/17 on Island Princess out of Ft. Lauderdale thru the Panama Canal ending in L.A. Unfortunately it was delayed til 12/7/17. But Victoria called us on our cell phone to tell us of the delay. The cruise line made good on paying for our hotel for a night, giving a one-day refund & $150.00 credit to cover meals, etc on that day.

12/28/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Thank you for the man y times we have traveled through your travel agent. Victoria has worked tireless for us and we will continue using her. We are very sorry to hear Viking crusies are no longer providing discounts through your company. Probably less travel tbrough their company. Again, many thanks. Ronnie

11/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Had a great vacation. Thanks to Victoria and others for helping with the planning and preparation for this trip.

11/07/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent, educational and fun! The primary tour guide throughout China, "Big John" Zhang, is fantastic... his knowledge, honesty and effort was well above & beyond extraordinary. Pavlus' association with Globus family of tour products offers higher quality tours, accomodations, enjoyment and available options, therefore, greater value than other similarly priced tours/companies. A relationship well worth nurturing and maintaining on behalf of your clientele.

10/28/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler


10/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very happy with Pavlus Travel - great discounts and excellent service Thank you

10/16/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler


10/12/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

PAVLUS Travel was great. They provided me with all of the documents, etc. that I needed, and the escorted tour that I had was worth the price I paid. I know that PAVLUS was responsible for the lower cost of the trip. I took an escorted tour of Holland, Luxembourg, and Belgium with Trafalgar. My only disappointment was the weather. It rained almost every day of the tour. However, the rain did not hinder any of the tours which we took with the local guides. The American Military cemeteries which we visited (Flanders Field, Battle of the Bulge) were awesome, and the main reason I chose this tour. The cities that we visited (14 in all) were great. I had no idea we would see so many cities.The hotels we stayed in rivaled the finest hotels in the States...our breakfasts in each of the four hotels were scrumptious. Each hotel breakfast offered us more than 9 stations offering every variety of food, fruit, smoothies, meat, eggs, breads, etc. The specialty dinners we had were simply the best. The hotels were within walking distance of the city center in Bruges, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and Brussels. We were always given at least 1 1/2 hours of leisure time in each city or attraction in which to explore on our own. I have nothing but praise for this tour. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get a good feel for the people and cities of the NETHERLANDS.

09/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our trip was GREAT! Transfers went well into Paris.All documents were in order. When we travel again we will reach out to Victoria. She is a Top Notch travel planner. Thank you. Greta and Jon Weaver

09/18/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They are an experienced travel organization that does an excellent job

08/29/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Love the discounts and good service,

08/15/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was very helpful. She knew the business and assisted us in every way. No problems at all. I feel like she could help us with any of our travel needs.

08/15/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very helpful. Professional nice discount incentive Vacation papers delivered on time

08/07/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus offers great value due to their competitive pricing and outstanding travel planners. I will always call Victoria when planning a trip.

08/03/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our tour was outstanding

07/11/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Responsive Well planned

07/03/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always gives us great service and good prices

06/28/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Access to all types of vacations at the best prices. Special deals available as well.

06/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Took care of all the details and responded to all my questions.

06/23/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

trips are discounted. Rebate. Very efficient

06/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great Value top quality trips.

06/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service

06/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Prices are excellent, attentive, good follow-up

06/14/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

There a very good travel company to deal with and very helpfull.

06/13/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very professional people

06/13/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very pleased with attentive service and discounted price.

06/06/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

A very capable agency that makes sure everything goes smoothly.

05/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very professional, efficient, thorough and knowledgeable. Victoria was perfect in every regard. Everything was as represented, no headaches, no hassles, completely trouble free. Just the way a getaway sho I'll d be- perfect.

05/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus makes it easy to compare different companies and they take care of all booking details. They provide incentives for booking through them as well and giving referral fees.

05/10/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is very friendly and helpful. Emails are very helpful whether it be updates on a scheduled trip or informing a person of upcoming travel deals. Pavlus takes care of everything. Very happy.

04/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus travel is our only choice for booking our vacations. Competence, consideration and communication are descriptors that well fit our Pavlus experience. I especially appreciate the advise and updates we receive from Pavlus regarding current trips as well as opportunities for future adventures. Top notch representatives, Victoria Rojo is great. We've referred 8 of our friends to pavlus and will continue to do so. We know that Pavlus is an excellent company and we will continue to book our travel experiences through Pavlus.

04/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You get a great price with Pavlus.

04/12/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It is an agency with professional staff who suggest possibilities for your trip and seem to be able to go where other agencies don't or don't want to.

03/31/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would tell friends that you have very competitive prices for travel tours, cruises and packages.

02/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very affordable price. We plan all vacations through Pavlus.

01/02/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler


12/26/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy to book....quick service and prompt replies to questions, etc.

12/18/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Their rates are the best! The folks they hire seem to be interested in making your vacation successful

11/22/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Took care of all details.

09/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I've recommended Pavlus to people before. We've taken several trips with our extended family (13 people) and now with friends. We've always had great service and good competitive prices

09/27/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great value trips with great service.

09/26/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was fabulous. She was efficient, answered all of our questions and we received everything fromViking in a timely manner.

09/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Exceeded expectations. Organized and online communication is efficient and thorough.

08/27/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus works well for me

08/22/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The staff is very professional and personable. In particular, Victoria is prompt, professional and knowledgeable. I have been very pleased by her willingness to help answer any question. Most importantly her knowledge of cruise types and packages is excellent and In depth. Price is always a consideration and we have been very pleased with the price offerings and rebate packages. We usually travel with a group of eight or more and Pavlus has been excellent with finding us group discounts, even better than those offered by providers. We will always begin our travel planning with Pavlus.

08/04/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

How professional all our plans were made. The cost of the cruise The rebate

08/04/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler


07/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I think your customer service is top notch and the fact that we saved money was most welcomed. It allowed us to enjoy the extra excursions on our tour. Victoria was very responsive and we appreciate all her efforts. And, to think I am getting a $50 gift for referring Richard Estrin sweetened the pot of this wonderful experience. Thank you.

07/22/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would like to tell you of a great travel agent and also a great discount for your trip.

07/05/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The planning was exceptional! Everything was so organized and the tour offered excellent visits, meals and excursions. It was the best way to get a glimpse into Italy and know where you would like to see again, with more time. I did feel the walking tours were hurried and somewhat strenuous. It would have been nice to have more time in the churches and museums to sit and take in the beauty and meaning. All in all, we are very glad we booked with Pavlus!

06/17/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy to work with.

06/10/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We were very pleased with the tour Victoria set up for us to Peru. We had a great time.

05/12/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus offered a wonderful tour at the best price I could find anywhere on the internet. They were helpful, informative and responsive. I would definitely use Pavlus again.

04/24/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Offers the lowest prices that we have found. Extremely efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

04/23/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It was easy to book through Pavlus and I got a great deal Victoria was very professional and she went on a Viking river cruise so she knew all about it The only issue I had was with Viking on the land extension piece

04/06/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria is very helpful when helping to plan a vacation. What I like most is when I call her and leave a message she promptly returns my calls.

03/28/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and Great prices

03/01/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They do a great job, covering all bases.

02/15/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

People are friendly and knowledgeable. Victoria returns my emails or phone calls promply. She always gives me the best price of all tour operators.

02/08/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service and great deals! This was my second trip booked through Pavlus. I recommend Pavlus to everyone I know that travels.

01/13/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I know of a great travel agent that will work with you to get the best out of your vacation , plus, they give great discounts on the price of the vacation.

12/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very easy to work with and great discounts.

12/08/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus has great values and are very easy to work with.

12/08/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very knowledgeable and willing to get answers if not known. Discounts list price from providers.

11/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was great. She answered many questions, got back to me quickly. She worked hard to get me better flight arrangements which also ended up being less expensive.

11/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great price with efficient service and not to worry about getting documents or any other problems dealing with a company out of the area of residence. We have been multiple time users and have always been satisfied as have our friends.

10/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria is a great Pavlus representative. What I like best about her is..... she returns my calls or emails promptly. When I call other companies sometimes I have to wait for a return call or email for days. She is always on top of things.

10/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was very helpful and very nice to talk with. Everything was done efficiently when we planned the trip right till the end. I felt we had a great discount and would definitely consider Pavlus for our next trip.

10/17/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient and reliable. Responded well to our questions. Guided us in planning our tour. Very pleased with our recent Tauck Tour!

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great job and got a good discount.

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Well priced. Good customer service

09/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was fabulous. She kept me completely informed throughout the process and I even got the airline I requested. She returned my calls and emails promptly.

09/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service, quick response by your rep to any and all questions.

09/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They were very thorough and completed all my requests. Also the gift card was very nice.

09/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is a very good travel agency.

09/08/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Fun, affordable, secure way to travel especially going somewhere you have never been. An exciting fun filled worry free vacation. And you meet some amazing people.

09/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

A very good operation, good follow up, answers questions. Competitive pricing.

08/31/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient and Victoria is great

08/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. She is an excellent communicator and she responded very quickly to questions and requests. She was very focused on making sure that we were well-informed and that our travel needs were satisfied. We feel that we got very good value for our money by arranging our river cruise through Pavlus travel. We really appreciate how organized Pavlus travel is. We received our travel documents in a very nice travel case well in advance of our departure date. We were also notified by email that our travel documents have been sent.

08/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything went right off without a hitch. The transfers were perfect, the local guides were excellent, the local tours were great. There were many programmed tours to choose from in each city, and the price was right.

08/03/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient. Went the extra mile to find out about availability. Easy to work with.

07/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel saves you money. Victoria is very nice. I will be asking her about river cruises also.

07/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding tour. Helpful with getting the best rate available. Patient with payment schedule (my card was limiting charge amounts). Followed up making sure we had everything we needed in regards to our documents. Travel gift was so useful throughout our trip helping us keep all our notes and plans together in one spot which we greatly appreciated and wasn't expecting. Couldn't have asked for a better experience especially since we are in North Carolina. Excellent service, was blessed by finding Pavlus Travel on-line.

07/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It was a pleasure working with Victoria. She answered all of our questions in a very timely manner. And there were a lot of questions from our party of 8.

07/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was, simply put, SUPERB!!!! We got a great price and world class service!! There is NO DOUBT I will be using Victoria/Pavlus for all my future travel needs.

07/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus gives good discounts & service.

07/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was very personable and helpful. We love the Pavlus pricing and referral rewards. Many thanks!!

06/29/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

good prices. helpful in getting extra night's room at best price as well as good travel insurance

06/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This was our first vacation booked through Pavlus Travel and we were a bit hesitant at first since your office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is so far from New Jersey. However, after working with Victoria we became comfortable with our decision to use Pavlus. Victoria answered all our questions in a very timely manner and was always friendly and courteous. The planning of our Trafalgar tour to Hawaii was seamless and our on-tour experience was very enjoyable by both us and our traveling companions. Yes, we would contact Pavlus and, in particular, Victoria for any future travel. We are also very interested in value and enjoy competitive pricing.

05/31/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Working with Victoria was a very pleasurable experience. Another couple that we traveled on this trip recommended Pavlus to us, and we were fortunate enough to work with Victoria. We would do it again and would not hesitate to recommend Victoria.

05/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I love the philosophy of Pavlus Travel of giving discounts. It is straight forward and you get quality service. I like the friendly way Victoria Rojo takes care of my travel needs. Charles

05/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler


04/18/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus has polite, smart agents who get you the best price and gives additional perks.

04/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria did a fine job in helping us plan our tour and as a result we've booked our next one with her.

03/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Victoria was wonderful to work with. We had never booked a vacation like this before and she was very helpful and explained how everything would work for us. We were so excited about the trip we found that we contacted our oldest son and he and his wife came with us. I booked all four people thru Victoria and she was most helpful. I had other questions after we received our iteneraries and she was able to help us with everything. We had a wonderful trip and would book thru your company again and definitely would go thru Victoria.

12/02/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I always have Victoria\'s card handy when talking to someone on the ship about cruising. I tell them what a great job she does in getting you the best price. What I really like about her is, when I call her and leave a message she calls back promply. She is a great person to work with.

12/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best Prices

10/27/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service and great prices

10/06/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

everything was very professional and on time

09/26/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

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